I'm so glad your bed made it California!  Once you've lugged it into your house, now for the easy part: the assembly. Everything you need will be in the box, except for a philips head screwdriver and some brute strength. Lay everything out roughly like this, being very careful that the footboard and headboard don't tip over.  Note that the side rails are flat on the outside and have an extra support piece on the inside.  The side rails are interchangeable left and right, just pick which grain you like best on each side.

You'll find interlocking hardware on the rails, footboard and headboard.  Simply slip in the metal clips and push down until everything 'locks' into place.  It might require some heft, but you'll know when they are sitting where they're supposed to, as it will be quite rigid and the ends of the rails will be snug against the headboard and footboard.  An extra set of hands or two will be helpful, as the hardware will slip together more easily if the rails are held square/parallel to the floor.  Using your body weight should be enough force, but worst case scenario, if a hammer is necessary, first pad the rail with a couple towels, then a block of wood, then hit the wood with the hammer.  No hammer to bed rail contact!! :)

Once both rails are securely in place, add the three metal cross supports.  First, loosen the middle of them and extend them to the correct length. The holes in the metal supports will line up with pre-drilled holes in the cherry rails. Then, using the screws that are in the little plastic bag with the shelf pins, hand-tighten the supports to the rails.  Finally, when the bed is in place, adjust the feet on the metal supports so they just touch the floor.

Finally, attach the power supply to the plug on the back of the headboard (on the left, just above the shelving part), add in the adjustable shelves, and Voila! your bed is ready!

I hope it brings you many nights of good sleep!